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High-Accuracy 3D Printing Materials for Dental Labs and Practices

Formlabs Dental Resins empower dental labs and practices to rapidly manufacture biocompatible surgical guides, splints, fixed patterns and models, clear aligner models, and full dentures. Convince yourself about the quality of the printing and have a sample print sent to you. 

Artsupport will send the sample directly to you, free of charge.

Castable Wax

Castable Wax

A highly accurate material for casting and pressing crowns, bridges, and RPDs. Tested at length by dental technicians, Castable Wax Resin provides accurate, sealed margins and contains 20% wax for reliable casting with clean burnout. Printed patterns are strong enough to handle with no post-cure required, allowing for a faster, simpler workflow.

  • Casting copings and substructures
  • Casting removable partial denture frameworks
  • Pressing and casting full contour crowns

Dental LT Clear Resin

Dental LT Clear Resin

A Class IIa biocompatible resin, the high fracture and wear resistance of Dental LT Clear make it ideal for splints, retainers, and other direct-printed orthodontic devices. With a clear color, it polishes to high optical transparency for beautiful final products.

    Surgical Guide

    Surgical Guide

    Surgical Guide Resin is a biocompatible material designed for 3D printing Class I devices such as surgical guides, drilling templates, pilot drill guides, and device sizing templates. Developed specifically for Formlabs printers and rigorously tested with autoclaves, solvents, and implant systems. Surgical Guide Resin is ideal for:

    • Surgical guides
    • Drilling templates
    • Pilot drill guides
    • Device sizing templates



    Grey Resin is ideal for a variety of dental applications, including orthodontic, diagnostic, and educational models, as well as for vacuum-forming aligners, retainers, or other appliances.

    • Thermoform clear aligners and retainers directly on 3D printed models at low cost

    • Smooth, matte surface finish that shows details exceptionally well

    • Manufacture Hawley retainers using a separator


    An accurate material for dental modelmaking and clear aligner production. Model Resin was developed specifically to meet the high precision, accuracy, and throughput requirements of dental professionals. Print removable dies with crisp margins and contacts within ±35 microns. Model Resin is ideal for:

    • Crown and bridge models
    • Orthodontic models
    • Implant models
    • Clear aligner models
    • Diagnostic models
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